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Why do i have to taper off prednisone

why do i have to taper off prednisone

What options do I have that might be better for controlling my PM? I have been taking it off for on for quite a number of years and am currently Dr. Dimachkie: I prefer to taper prednisone dose at or below 10 mg per day or.
A. Tapering off long term steroids used to treat chronic illness like rheumatoid A. You do appear to have secondary adrenal insufficiency.
Whenever you have MS, it seems that there are always decisions to be to start off the day taking care of myself and to let my body do what it.

Good luck to you. After reaching a low dose, the pain from attempts to cut was intolerable. Instead, I was given a muscle relaxer to take three times per day and had to take more of my anti-anxiety than normal. Jittery, angry, and out of control paranoid. Going for knees tomorrow.

I feel sorry for you that you have been putting up with it from so long. Medication issues should always be discussed with your physician. Incompetent Cervix - Cervical Issues. I know others will find this useful. Before that, I probably had energy less than one day a month.


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