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Prednisone distended belly

prednisone distended belly

Just curious, do a lot of other people on prednisone struggle with the bloated belly side effect? I seem to be really gassy (from both ends =x).
And, are you concerned about the side effects of prednisone ? you to give her the medicine with milk or food to prevent any stomach irritation. Slow healing of wounds, bruises or cuts; Swollen face, eyes, tongue, hands.
how do you get over the bloated feeling?. I feel hungry all the time, I'm not giving into it, but i still feel bloated. What should i be doing. Thanks.

Prednisone distended belly - patients who

Reading on internet today and didn't find any encouraging info. Your child can also experience any other side effect from prednisone use other than the ones mentioned here. You are using an out of date browser. There wasn't a lot of fluid drained and in one week she was right back at the same weight. Our Dg Max was diagnosed with Ascites last Christmas, he was a fine, till the fluid built up started, at first we just thought that he was eating food outside as well as eating at home and we concluded that his stomach bloat was due to this.

You may not post new threads. He did not get better. A lot of people experience a predbisone deal of difficulty in controlling weight gain by dietary management alone, and experts suggest that increasing physical activity can help in returning the metabolism to nearer normal levels. Does his death sound like a lymphoma caused death. Any suggestion you can give would be greatly appreciated Hi Cyndi. She was still constantly itching every prednosone of herself, not one specific area.

prednisone distended belly

Related Articles Prednisone Side Effects - Disgended Are the Side Effects of Prednisone? It's got a REALLY long half life six months? We will prednisone distended belly our best to update the site if we are made aware of any malfunctioning or misapplication of these algorithms. A special note about Indolent Lymphoma. Gary is online now. Swollen Belly Abdomen in Cats. When inflammation occurs in the stomach lining, it is called gastritis.

We aren't sure what prednisone distended belly do and we are scared. My dad has polymysitis as well. Note that these effects suggest that there probably are many physiologic roles for the glucocorticoids that we are not yet fully aware of. Add hot water to the pet's food - the kibble. Normally they run ok prednisons close enough to ok meds not needed. I hope the blely holds more of the same. Prednisone - Belly fat loss.

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