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Prednisone how long in your system

prednisone how long in your system

I know it depends on the individual and thier body but in my own experience it depended how long I was on the pred for. When I took it for a  Prednisone and puffiness - how long does it take to go.
I am not sure how long they stay in your system for. I know this isn't specific to your prednisone but it was the guideline I was given by.
Your prednisone dose is based on 3 main factors: • Your body weight. • If you have had rejection episodes before. • How long it has been since your transplant.

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What to expect when coming off prednisone Medical monitoring is highly recommended. I've heard nothing about it besides what the doctor said and what the information folder he gave me said. I know for me the acne took a little while to go due to how long I was on it, like it took about a month for that to go and my moon face was gone after a while too. Is this over kill souldn't we see what happens as prednisne prednisone clears from my system? I am glad my platelet count is up but hope I never have to take the steroids again. Calcium hod to keep bones strong and vitamin D helps your body make use of calcium. How long does Ecstasy stay in your system.
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The drug, Prednisone is another word for poison.

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