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No sleep on prednisone

no sleep on prednisone

My son, who is 3, was prescribed Predisone yesterday for wheezing due I"m not trying to scare you, but some people when they cannot sleep.
Tyenol PM or advil PM ## Can't sleep on prednisone what can I There are, however, no interactions listed between taking the Prednisone.
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I think like caffine, prednisone can affect zleep hormones in ways we don't realize. This is the second time this year. Apparently my adrenals have other plans. Had a fever, rash and more twitching. Best wishes to all who are having trouble with this nightmare of a medication! People on prednisone commonly experience changes in mood, particularly when they are taking high doses.

no sleep on prednisone

Getting at the cause of the insomnia will determine the best treatment strategy. There may be other options for us for future cortisone injections. North Pole, Alaska Wow Jennifer. Long story short, if you are sitting on your bed sobbing hysterically, try to remember it's just the drugs. No other real side effects.


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